2021: making way for the new

Well, well… 2020 turned out to be quite a year, the world changing in ways that haven’y yet sunk in. With more time on their hands and money spared from holidaying, I was pleased to witness a dramatic rise in custom, so it wasn’t all bad.

Upheaval leads to change and in a world awash with reproduced images it’s nice to know that original works of art appear to be reasserting their value, moving beyond just being objects of beauty, to becoming treasured objects infused with deeper meanings.

January’s recent cold spell found me back out in the field, the field in question being ploughed in preparation for the new years crop. 2021 won’t be just another year, but one to decide whether it’s time to plant a whole new crop, a year to do things differently, to explore new paths and new ways of being.

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